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Hi! I am Keri Jo.
I look back over the last few years and wonder to myself, "How did Jeweled Fox Designs get started?". Growing up I didn't do much decorating or creating besides my Barbie house...or should I say village because my my gave about a whole 5x5 area w/a privatee screen lol. I rearranged the house created furniture using whatever i could find and also used my moms fabric to create linens. But I would see my true creativity and love for rustic cottage decor came after I was married. There are so many things I love but like so many of us we don't have the budget or time to buy or create. I received my first true old farm house windows from my in laws back in 2007. I painted them white, then cracked red paint over it and used one as a picture frame and the other to hang dried flowers from. After that i didn't have much time and again money to create or really inspiration! We had our first baby and i was also baby sitting and had a part time job. Well, in 2009 we bought our first house...a cute little cape cod that was about 60 years old. It had such character and room for crafting!
I decorated with what i had for awhile but new i wanted something more...me....my in laws gave me some more windows and i did some more picture decorating. Then I was introduced to.....PINTEREST!!! And i realized..."Hey i could do that....and that....and that!" You know what the bonus is? My hubby works at a Do It Best....any question i had or tool i needed was within easy reach. I found friends that had old windows just sitting around that they didn't want, i had plenty of mason jars because we can green beans and jams and my hubby brought me home pallets. Oh and did i mention i love a good deal? Garage sales, thrift store, trash...you name it. I started selling for a home based jewelry company and I had to come up with an e-mail address so...Jewelry...Fox....Jeweled Fox Designs! I hope you enjoy all I post as much as I do and also the times i may share what it is like to be a stay at home mom...it's hard but it's my passion, that is, being a stay at home mom and crafting :)
Hubby Mike, Me, Carter (5), Logan (2)

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